Mycolyte is a patent pending, game-changing fermented mushroom dough that can stand alone or be blended with other normal baking doughs.

Mycolyte is not processed in any way and acts similarly to a raw food, taking longer for the body to digest and break down, which means it provides sustained energy and keeps you feeling full for longer periods – similar to eating an orange versus drinking processed sugar juice.

Mycolyte is perfect for people or pets looking to improve their health, lose weight, or feel satisfied and full. And it tastes delicious!

The wide range of products Mycolyte can be used for is almost...

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Enhanced Nutrition Drying

NutriX is a proprietary pressurized drying process that is designed to preserve the important nutrients that are typically lost by using high heat drying like competitors use today.

NutriX uses a pressurized chamber and low heat to delicately dry the mushrooms before they are processed into powder.

This is very different from the standard blast furnace dryers typically used.

Low heat ensures the highest quality and strongest nutrient profile possible.

Mushrom takes great pride in leveraging state of the art technology to maximize Mother Nature’s powerful pharmacy.

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Enhanced Vitamin D

UVX is our proprietary Vitamin D Enhancement Process that harnesses the properties of sunlight and dramatically enhances the levels of Vitamin D compared to other manufacturer’s powder, making it an ideal solution for individuals who struggle to get enough of this essential nutrient through sun exposure or their diet.

Vitamin D is essential for supporting strong bones, a healthy immune system, and even mental wellbeing. By incorporating our Enhanced Vitamin D Mushroom Powders into your daily routine, you'll be taking a proactive step towards optimizing your health and achieving your wellness goals.

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Enhanced Absorption

Everyone knows that the smaller a particle is, the faster it gets absorbed by your body or the deeper it penetrates into your skin.

Our revolutionary patented technology, NanoX , allows us to particle reduce our mushroom powders, without the use of heat, extraction, spray drying or chemicals, to a powder so fine that they contain Nano size particles.

It feels smooth like talc powder. This means that every time you use our Enhanced Absorption Mushroom Powders, you are getting more of the benefits faster and more effectively.

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Water Soluble Powder

Mushroom powder does not dissolve in water. The only way to get it to do so is to pack it full of fillers or surfactants which can be unhealthy and nasty tasting.

MMIXX is a first-of-its-kind, disruptive, patented technology, that not only makes mushroom powder fully dissolvable in liquid but holds it in suspension keeping it evenly distributed throughout the liquid without falling to the bottom.

MMIXX’s cutting edge technology particle reduces the powder to an ultra fine size allowing it to rapidly absorb in both the highly bioavailable zones in your mouth and your digestive tract delivering more powerful benefits.

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